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Program Management
All off our services outlined are accessible through three distinct routes that PMI offers. These categories pertain to the level of involvement that the owner would like us to be involved in. They are:

PMI as employee of the Owner
Under this service PMI offers its expertise to the owner and directly executes the owners requests. The owner makes all decisions and PMI does all the functions that have been previously illustrated. This service is available to owner or representatives that are continually present and simply need these functions carried out. It is a salaried position and PMI is compensated for services rendered.

PMI as Consultant to the Owner
PMI offers this service for those owners and representatives who periodically need an assessment of their current situation. PMI reviews the needs and requirements of the property and generates a report illustrating the potential liabilities and money making potential of the property. We will also execute any correction, repairs, marketing, etc. that the building is in need of. PMI is strictly a consultant and is compensated through commissions during this function.

PMI as Property Manager (General Agent) to the Owner
This is the most popular service PMI offers. PMI takes on the general role of owner and is their representative for all intensive purposes. All of the services PMI offers is implemented under this function and PMI is responsible for most of the decision making required. This function is perfect for absentee owners who require a constant need for these services. This function also tends to bring in the highest level of income because of the continual care of the property. PMI is compensated on a percentage scale that is to be determined on factors agreed upon by both parties i.e. incentives for working perfectly within a budget and for substantially increasing net income.  

The full function of PMI and the owner or representative will be fully disclosed and reviewed in the Agreement. Certain cases require distinct or unique services and all will be determined during the early phases of the operation.