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Management Objective
The objective of Precise Management is clear: to ensure protection of your capital investment and to attain the highest level net return on the property, all within the confines of a reasonable budget for a determined amount of time. PMI takes a systematic approach to property management by taking care of problems before they arise, which means that they are likely to cost less than if you wait for real damage to occur. This also gives your manager the flexibility to shop the prices around as opposed to it being an emergency situation and having to go with the first available contractor who may also be the most expensive. Proper maintenance not only builds the net worth but also preserves it thus limiting depreciation—a factor in calculating a buildings value by subtracting damage and deterioration. 

There are several duties that your property manager has, as illustrated in the agreement, and they are but not limited to:

  • Annual Budget Preparation
  • Qualify and Investigate Tenant's Credit
  • Market the Available Space
  • Provides Superior Security and Life Safety Systems
  • Plan Renovations
  • Oversee Proper Maintenance
  • Collect Rent
  • Maintain the Appropriate Accounts for Renters Income
  • Maintain an Account for the Renters Security Deposit and/or Good Faith Money
  • Purchase Necessary Supplies
  • Responsibility to Hire, Train, Supervise, and Fire Employees as seen fit
  • Inspect Available Space to Ensure Quality
  • Assess all Taxes to Ensure it is Correct
  • Provide a Clean and Safe Building to Tenants
  • Keep Detailed Records of all Findings, Liabilities, Work that has been done, and any other Information that has been Recorded and Deemed Important to the Objective
  • Develop Rules and Security Protocol and Distribute them to the Tenants
  • Review all Finances; Taxes, Depreciation Assessments, etc.
  • Update and Send Payments for Insurance Coverage
  • Interview Candidate Renters
  • Document all Complaints and Requests
  • Oblige the Complaints and Requests where fitting
  • Be knowledgeable Health Codes, Local Codes, Building Codes and Safety Standards
  • Report to the Building Owner or Representative (weekly, monthly, annually, etc.)
  • Prepare and Implement Leases and Rent Schedules
  • Advertise available space through media sources such as Newspaper, Television Commercials, Marketing Space etc.
Precise Management Inc. services several types of property including but not limited to:
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Retail Apartments
  • Condominiums
  • Townhouses
  • Hotels
And a wide Variety of other Serviceable Structures such as Malls, Restaurants, etc.