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Cost Benefits to Having a Property Manager
Although many landlords view another 'expense' with disdain, property management proves to be more of an invaluable asset than a cost. Having the right management team can be as important of an investment as the investment property itself. Property Managers have several Cost Benefits including:

  • Their services are tax write off's as a business expense
  • They improve the property and the efficiency in which it runs thus making it more profitable and able to generate greater income
  • They screen candidates for the rentals in order to find those that have a higher likelihood of paying on time in full and consistently
  • Cheaper to hire an advisory team that will handle the obligations rather than deal with the legal issues yourself thus placing a great deal of liability on yourself
  • If the property is priced correctly in the first place  it has a higher likelihood of occupancy which means immediate income
  • Diminishes a great deal of liability which proves to be more cost effective than lawsuits or settlements
  • Real Estate is a large market that has produced many multimillionaires. Our services ensure you investment is working at its optimum level and effectively and efficiently bringing in as much profit as reasonably possible 
  • Allows you the opportunity to work at your own career and treat the property as an investment and not another job
Additional Benefits in Choosing PMI
On top of all the other reasons why Precise Management Inc. is the solution to your problems, illustrated throughout this site, whether it's just making your life easier by alleviating additional stress, completely overseeing and monitoring your investment, or through our superior services, here are additional benefits to selecting PMI.
  • We possess vast knowledge of Real Estate Laws including Landlord/tenant obligations
  • We provide necessary paper work, forms, and documentation, which is crafted by lawyers in order to ensure legality
  • We have close ties to several contractors, plumbers, electricians, roofers, etc which ensures speedy, diligent, cost-effective and reliable work
  •  We survey and inspect your property throughout the occupancy cycle starting before tenants move in to the rental, during their occupancy, and after they depart. This makes certain that the  property is always in an orderly and clean state in order to preserve the value
  • our team is knowledgeable in the appropriate procedure and protocol in removing tenants that are constantly delinquent with payments, destructive to the property, poses a threat to other tenants, or partake in questionable activities.
  • We tend to negotiating and lease preparation
  • We have resources to aid us in finding the fair market value that will generate profit on our investment
  • We service apartment buildings, income generating houses, condominiums, vacation houses,  hotels, resorts, and several other structures such as sky rises, malls, professional buildings, and factories.